Atlus Breaking the Mold of Anime Stylized Games

By Heather Huffman

Video game companies are constantly trying to put out the biggest and best games. Each year companies release games for consumers to buy. Anime stylized games are very popular in Japan. More of these games are being translated and released here in the States. Most are dungeon crawlers or role playing games.  One company has been trying to take the anime stylized games and create a different spin on their games.

Atlus is a Japanese computer and video game developer, publisher, and distributor based in Tokyo, Japan. They are best known for their RPG series Shin Megami Tensei as well as other anime stylized games that have made themselves stand apart from the JRPG.

Trauma Center is a surgical series that were released for the Nintendo DS and Wii systems. You play a role of a surgeon who must save the lives of characters with different symptoms and problems.

The Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series has been quite popular due to the incorporation of a mixture of dungeon crawler, role playing and Japanese culture references.  They also released a fighting game that incorporates both Persona 3 and 4 characters. The game is anime role playing turned fighting based.

Catherine was a game released as a anime stylized game that incorporates puzzle like Tetris and real life dating simulation game. It has a high replay value for every choice you make in the game, reflects on the 1 of 8 endings you receive at the end of the game.

Atlus has been releasing games that give players a chance to play anime stylized games  while giving them a fresh and interesting spin on their games. Atlus games will always thrive in the anime community as long as they keep reinventing what you call “anime” games.