“xxxHOLIC: Rei” Manga Series Will Launch February 2013

By Syaoran

CLAMP has announced that they will be releasing the xxxHOLIC: Rei manga series in Kodansha’s Young Magazine in February 2013. They made this announcement at the CLAMP Festival 2012 event this past Sunday in Nagoya. More details will be made in Young Magazine and on their official website. This series centers around Watanuki Kimihiro, who is haunted because he can see spirits. Watanuki meets Yuuko, a witch who grants people’s wishes, however, at a price—they have to give up something they hold most precious. Yuuko promises to rid Watanuki of his powers, however, he in return has to work in her shop, granting the wishes of other people. This is an exciting series, which has seen two seasons on television, an anime film, and several animation DVDs. FUNimation has the licensing rights for the anime series. This series is so good that it is going to see a live-action television adaptation in 2013, directed by Keisuke Toyoshima. Stay tuned for more details!


Via Otakomu and Anime News Network.