“Sword Art Online” and “Accel World” Have Over 10 Million In Print!

By Syaoran

Reki Kawahara’s two light novel series, Sword Art Online and Accel World, have over 10 million copies in print as of last Monday, December 3rd ! The two series were only just released in 2009, but they both already have a huge fan base. Sword Art Online has only gained more fandom by the recent release of the anime series. Sword Art Online is about the story of a boy named Kirito who decides to partake in a virtual game world, only to find out that the fun he had in mind would be short lived since the creator of the game traps the players in the game in an effort to see who can become the champion and free all the other players from it. The only catch is that if you die in the game, you will never wake up from the virtual game. In essence, you die in real life, too. Accel World has also gained more fandom with its anime release this past April. The story line is similar to Sword Art Online in that it, too, has to do with adventures of a boy named Haruyuki Arita in a virtual reality called Accel World. Both of these light novel series are  wonderfully well-written and will be well worth your time to read or watch it.


Via Mantan Web and Anime Newsnetwork