“Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” Live-Action Is Scheduled For August 24th!

By Syaoran

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, the classic by Tatsunoko Productions, is a science fiction action anime that revolves around the adventures faced by five young superhero ninjas, employed by Dr. Kozaburo Nambu, who is head of a fictitious science organization trying to undermine villains. This anime centers around themes dealing with conservationism of nature and the responsible use of technology.

Personally, this series is a tad reminiscent of Power Rangers, however, this should not be a turn-off for those who are interested because this series does have its own style and flavor. I cannot quite describe what it is, but you will get a sense, too, once you see it for yourselves.

What is even more exciting for this classic series is that as of last Thursday, Japanese film distributor TOHO has revealed their 2013 lineup, and Gatchaman is there amongst the live-action film adaptations they will be taking on. This film will hit theatres in Japan August 24th, 2013.

Director Toya Sato, whose resume include the live-action for Grave of the Fireflies and Gokusen, began shooting for the film last October. Yusuke Watanabe, whose resume includes 20th Century Boys, is the script writer, while Shinji Aramaki, who is best known for the Appleseed films, is the character designer.

There will also be a star-studded cast of voice actors so this film is not to be missed!


Via animeanime.jp and Anime News Network