Power Rangers Comes to Nickelodeon

By Suzanne Williams

Valentine’s Day is coming early for Power Rangers fans–the 20th season of the show will air on February 2

Power Rangers Megaforce will premeire on Nickelodeon at 1:00 p.m. EST.

The series will introduce new characters as well as old favorites.

According to TV Guide, Megaforce will star Andrew Gray as Troy, the Red Megaforce Ranger, Christina Masterson as Emma, the Pink Megaforce Ranger, Azim Rizk as Jake, the Black Megaforce Ranger, Ciara Hanna as Gia, the Yellow Megaforce Ranger, and John Mark Loudermilk as Noah, the Blue Megaforce Ranger.

The teens will use their special powers to help good prevail over the evil Warstar aliens.