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Pokemon 3D: A first person Pokemon game

By Jonathan Pedigo

The above video will shock you. Nilllzz, independent game developer, has created a first person version of the Pokemon Gold and Silver adventure game for Windows PC.


The game, released early this week, has received TOO many downloads. That’s right, TOO MANY DOWNLOADS. Nilllzz was previously using Dropbox to distribute the game but due to immense amounts of traffic brought in from Kotaku, the download has been overloaded and he has been forced to find a new way to distribute it. You can follow his instructions to download it in his latest news post here.


The game supports Multiplayer LAN connection, offers weekly updates, and full capabilities of everything you can do in the GBC Version


If this game becomes popular enough, do you think it’s possible it may catch Nintendo‘s attention? This may sway Nintendo‘s future game development as they will see that people would be excited about an official release similar to this one.