New Anime Fitness App Released for iOS and Android


By Samantha Simmons

Summer and anime convention season has come to a close, but that’s no excuse to throw your workouts on the back burner. Japanese indie developer Creative Freaks has unveiled an app for iOS and Android, “Burn Your Fat With Me!!” that allows users to follow a high school themed story all while getting a great workout. The app is Creative Freaks’ first English app.

Burn Your Fat With Me!! is as a visual novel game that allows users to advance through the game by achieving exercise goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes.

The app motivates you to stay on track through Moévation, which plays off the Japanese word “Moé,” meaning the special, heart-warming feeling you get when you see an adorable anime character.

According to its official Facebook page, “the story revolves around the player’s relationship with childhood friend Mayu Uehara, who also counts your repetitions and cheers you on during your workout. After all, what better way to stay motivated than the support of a cute girl?”

The app currently consists of 15 episodes with more than 800 lines from voice actors.

Creative Freaks’ mission for the app is for more Otaku to get up, start moving and to set more time aside for healthy habits, since hundreds of hours can be spent absorbing anime, manga and games.

Check out the trailer for the app above and visit the official website HERE, the Facebook page HERE and follow Creative Freaks on Twitter HERE.