Hatsune Miku’s “Tell Your World” English Version Coming to iTunes



By Samantha Simmons

What better place than a virtual music store for a virtual pop star to feel right at home? The international computerized pop star Hatsune Miku has made her way into iTunes and will soon release a special treat for English-speaking fans, the English version of Tell Your World. A snippet of the song is currently listed in iTunes.

The song, which was written, arranged and composed by kz was featured in an award winning commercial for Google Chrome Japan.

The English version of Tell Your World will be included in the North American release of Hatsune Miku’s new album Re:Dial. Re:Dial will be released on March 20 and will feature a music video by Takashi Murakami.

So be on the lookout for Hatsune Miku’s new single on March 20! Not familiar with Hatsune Miku yet? Check out Google Chrome Japan’s commercial below for a peak at the star’s success!