Fate/Zero Dream Cushions to Debut in Japan


By Samantha Simmons

You’ve probably seen some of the neat anime body pillows at AnimeWorld Indianapolis and Chicago, but those aren’t the only cuddle-worthy pillows on the market for anime fans.

Hobby maker Kotobukiya announced Tuesday that Dream Cushion covers of the male servants from the Fate/Zero franchise will be added to its collection.

Dream cushion pillows are L-shaped comfort pillows.  The covers are decorated proportionately to make it seem like you’re cuddling right next to your favorite character, and, as Kotobukiya puts it, you can “rest in the arms of a charming man.”

The covers, featuring The Archer, Ride and Lancer are reversible.  The covers will show them in their battle outfits on one side and in regular clothes on the other. According to Kotobukiya, the covers are pleasantly smooth and soft to the touch.

Kotobukiya already offers Dream Cushion Covers adorned with the Durarara!! characters Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara, as well as the cast of Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000%.

The covers will arrive by February and are expected to retail for about  ¥4,725, or about $58.

Via Crunchyroll