Dragon Ball Z “Hair Fries” to Promote Newest Film!

        By: Hannah Becker

Dragon Ball Z fans, now is the time for you to finally hop on that flight to Japan. As you’re well aware, the newest Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of the Gods is about to be released, (in theaters March 30). To celebrate this exciting day, Mini Stop convenience stores are loading up on Dragon Ball Z food items. Unluckily for you non-natives, Mini Stop’s are located only in Japan.

Grab your SAB Jacket (alias the blue jacket that Goku wears in Dragon Ball Super Broly) and get ready for the best Dragon Ball Z event!

No convenient store junkie is left behind, for there is a fair range of foods for every taste bud from sweet to salty. 13 original items are going on sale, all with their own interesting mix of food and anime. From Majin Buu milk pudding to Kuririn melon bread, this interesting marketing maneuver is sure to extract a good laugh. Especially when fans get a glimpse of the appetizing Super Saiyan hair fries. Personally, if I were ever to eat hair fries, I’d prefer for them to be Super Saiyan themed. So everyone get ready for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (trailer conveniently supplied for everyone to get pumped), and if possible hop on over to a Mini Stop to fill up on some tasty Dragon Ball Z snacks!