Convention-goer Tips

By  Suzanne Williams

Will AnimeWorld be your first anime convention?  Here are some tips to help you make the most of the weekend and not look like a noob!

Before you arrive at the convention…

Follow Anime World on Facebook and Twitter–the latest updates can be helpful when planning your weekend

Work out your budget–don’t forget to include your hotel, badge, vendor spending and food

Convince a group of friends to join you–conventions are a great place to socialize

Plan your commute–consider a carpool or public transportation

Get directions–don’t rely on your phone’s GPS to work…print directions just incase

Pre-register–you can save time and money by ordering online

Plan your stay–reserve a hotel room in the hotel the convention will be held at or at a nearby location, don;t forget transportation and parking if the hotel isn’t in walking distance

Print your ALL confirmations–don’t risk it, print everything so your check-ins go smoothly

Plan your costume(s)–if you’re dressing up, look online for ways to recreate your favorite character’s look

Make or order your costume(s)–start ASAP, you don’t want to pay for expedited shipping

Make a list of things to pack–don’t forget props, your badge, cellphone chargers, ID cards, snacks and anything else you want for the convention weekend


At the convention…

Check the program guide–there might be an awesome event you don’t want to miss

Make a schedule of the events you want to attend–hi lighting can be helpful when trying not to miss a great panel

Dress for the convention–cosplay if you want, but wear comfortable shoes

Entertain yourself–lines, especially badge lines, can be long…bring manga to read, friends to talk to or a deck of cards

Sleep–it’s important

Eat–check out nearby dining facilities and prices before you leave and eat 2 or 3 meals per day

Shower–seriously, do it…

Stick to your budget–don’t leave the convention regretting your spending, make sure everything fits into your budget so you can afford to come again next year

Have a great time at Anime World Expos!