Another Amazing Robot from Japan!

By: Hannah Becker

The day we have all been waiting for has officially arrived! The unstoppable advances in technology combined with inspiring ideas from anime have finally blessed the world with a real-life transforming robot. From to GPS’ to smart phones, massive robot beetles and robots, machinery is being improved by the second; especially in Japan. But now a robot than can transform into a car has, in fact, been created.


This robot is simply called the Transform Robot, and is manually operated. A Japanese company named Brave Robotics manufactured the Transform Robot, and this machine is already on its way to being your new best friend. It can move around, walk and most importantly, transform itself into a car. If your Game Boy just is not enough for you anymore, this is a pretty big step up.


Unfortunately, the Transform Robot is not as easily acquired as one might hope. It will hurt your wallet about as much as a real car would (around $24,000). But whether you’re a huge Transformers fan, you need a new (tiny) car or you just love technology, your time has come to buy yourself a nice present. Check out the video and be amazed!



Via Crunchyroll