Animal Crossing Comes to the 3DS!

By: Hannah Becker

Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan last year and it was a major hit! After topping charts and selling out quickly overseas, the time has finally come for us North American fans. The delay in expansion is most likely from the unique cartridges being utilized for the 3DS game.


When the trailer was released earlier this year, people started getting antsy for the next installment of Animal Crossing (myself included). The same beloved aspects of the game seem to have been kept around; just enhanced with new characters, places and ways to play in your very own town!


The official release date is June 9th, so it looks like this summer I’m going to be catching fish and collecting bugs more than ever! (But of course on my 3DS from inside.) Check out the trailer and get pumped to relive your favorite childhood game!